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QR-Patrol Frequently Asked Questions



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What is QR-Patrol?
QR-Patrol is the smartest real time and on-line guard tour and patrol system.
What does QR-Patrol mean?
Quick Response Patrol
Can I see the position of my staff in the map?
Of course. In real time.
Is there a free testing available?
Yes. Please read here
What type of check points can be used?
Both QR Code labels and NFC (RFID) check points. See the gallery here
What do I need in order to use QR-Patrol? Can I use Google Android or/and iPhone/iPad
You would need a Google Android (most will do) or an iPhone/iPad device. Currently Windows Phone devices are not supported but they will follow
Can you supply rugged devices?
Yes we can. Please contact us or contact our partners worldwide
Can my staff send text notes to the control room during their tour?
Yes they can
Can my staff send pictures during their tour?
Yes they can
Can my staff send sound recordings during their tour?
Yes they can
Can the control room send text notes/instructions to my staff?
Yes of course, using a very simple interface
Can the control room send navigation instructions to my staff?
Yes of course, using a very simple interface, it can send navigation instrunctions using Google Maps and Google Navigate
Can the QR-Patrol system be used for Incident Reporting?
Yes. The mobile user can choose from a predefined incidents list the ones that best fits in the situation. Additionally can write text notes in order to best describe the situation.
Can the Incident Report contain pictures and text notes?
Of course it can
Can the Incident Report be send directly via email to the customer?
Of course it can. Once it is completed it can be send directly ín real time to the customer's email address
If one of my staff is in danger, can send an emergency notification?
Yes. It can press the SOS button and the control room may be informed in real time. Additionally one email address and up to 3 cell phones can receive text/SMS messages
Is there the ability to create scheduled routes for my staff?
Yes there is. Three types: a) Loose schedules b)Tight Schedules c)Predefined order schedules
Can the schedules be send to the mobile device?
Yes they can, so the staff knows every time what to do next
What happens if my staff fails to follow a schedule?
The person in charge can be informed in real time about this by an automated e-mail
Are there any reporting capabilities?
Yes there are a numerous reports. They can be exported in PDF and Excel format. There is also a full transactions Excel export for further processing
Is there available KML/KMZ export?
Yes for every guard tour
Is there any way for the end customer to be informed?
Yes the end customer can have its own account and see in real time the actions on the check point of his interest
How Secure is the QR-Patrol?
Very secure. All the communication between the mobile devices, the servers and web browsers is SSL encrypted.
Is the installation of the system complicated?
No! You have only to install easily the mobile apps on the mobile devices through the App Stores. Nothing else have to be installed!

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