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QR-Patrol upcoming features - news of the smartest cloud guard tour and guard monitoring system

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* Every time you update the Mobile App through App Store it is highly recommended to clear the cache and clear the data through App Manager (Android), in order to avoid unexpected system behaviour

* Every time the Web Applications are updated it is highly recommended to clear the browser cache in order to avoid unexpected system behaviour.


4th of October 2014

Our stand at the International Security Essen 2014 Exhibition

QR-Patrol at the Security Essen 2014


24th of August 2014

QR-Patrol at the Security Essen


To see a full demonstration of "QR-Patrol the Smartest Cloud Real Time and On-Line Guard Tour System" Visit us at the International Security Essen Fair, from 23 September 2014 to 26 September 2014



24th of June 2014


Added the ability to the mobile app to choose whether the Incident report be send directly to the client email as a PDF attachement. Until now there was only an option inside the Advanced Web Application


13th of June 2014

1. Added the ability be send the Incident report directly to the client email without firstly saved as a PDF localy

2. The automatic incident reports are now attached to the email, PDF documents, instead of links.

3. Some minor improvements and bug fixes



29 of May 2014

qr-patrol with walkie talkie android phone

1. Advanced Web App runs as Stand Alone with SSL support, with increased performance.

2. Added new functionality for adding and editing those company users (CompanyUsers) that would have the ability to receive e-mail and SMS alerts. You can add, edit and delete the user data. Adding an e-mail to a user and checking the Receive e-mail Alerts option, the user would receive alert e-mails when a company guard sends a SOS signal from the mobile application.

3. Added new functionality for viewing and partially edit the company guard’s data (Company Guards). You can edit guard’s name and pin and you have the ability to export the company guard’s data to Excel.

4. Added new functionality for viewing and partially edit the company check points (Company Check Points). You can edit the point alias, client site code, etc.

Editing a point’s data gives you the ability to copy the checkpoint’s code, so as you can use it to some other action you may wish to do. Finally there is the ability to export the checkpoints data to Excel.

5. Added new functionality that you may add some instructions, filling in the Point Notes field, so that the guard can receive them at the mobile application, and read some extra actions that must do, when checking a particular check point. Those instructions could be viewed through the Schedule of the mobile app and automatically after scanning a QR code that has such notes assigned. 

6. Added new functionality to company clients (Clients Clients List), that filling in a valid e-mail address and checking the Incident Report by Email, the client will gain the ability to receive automatic incident report to the specified e-mail, when a guard reports an incident at a client’s check point, from the mobile application.

7. All the data from the e-mail send from the application (alert, faulty schedules, incidents), are being kept in database for future reference.

8. Added the company details to the header of each application report. 

9. The report previews are opening in a new browser’s window/tab without the need of saving them first locally.

10. Became various functional and aesthetic improvements in various points of application as filters, fields of search, lists, preselected prices etc.


28 of February 2014

Incidents can be assigned to a specific check point 
Incidents can contain an MME event, including guard signature
MME with signature


MME (MultiMedia Event) now can contain the guard signature among picture, text, sound

On the Advanced Web App, added more reports

advanced web app new reports

- The "Client patrol events report" showing the guards actions on a specific customer

- The "Incidents Report". A complete incident report, including also text, picture and the guard signature

incident report

-  The "Guard daily patrol duration report" showing the patrol duration of a specific guard for each day

Also on the Advanced Web App and on the route scheduling added the "Ignore points order" option for the loose schedules.

Imporoved all the PDF and Excel exports



23 of December 2013

New QR-Patrol version. Actually it is a completely new system! 

What is new in the mobile app (2.1.1):

The ability to read NFC tags

The ability to follow scheduled routes

The ability to assign check point tags (NFC of QR Code) to a specific client or client site

The ability to send incidents chosen from a defined list to the control room

The ability to use a pin (password) for the guard instead of using only the guard ID. The app and the whole system is more secure now. This pin can be defined in the QR-Patrol guard utility

There is the ability to send in the position of the guard frequently to the control room (The frequency can be defined in the settings)

Added the ability not to ask the system the guard position all the time. The interval can be defined in the settings

Added the ability to switch between languages (in settings). Currently only English and Greek. More languages can be easily added in the future.

What’s new in the QR-Patrol Events Browser:

Added the track button. When it is pushed can be shown the position in the map of all our guards. Especially if in the mobile app is chosen the tracking option, the position is updated in real time!

Added the ability to switch between languages (in settings). Currently only English and Greek. More languages can be easily added in the future.

What’s new in the QR-Patrol Point Editor:

Added the “Locked” column. This is to protect the points form overwritten through the mobile app “Point assignment” function

What’s new in the QR-Patrol Guard Utility:

Added the “Last latitude”, “Last longtitude” , “Last accuracy” columns.

Here now one can set the pin for the guard IDs

New Advanced QR-Patrol utility (app):

From the menu Company, we can define the incidents for the mobile app, modify our security company details, and the branch offices. Users will be added in the future

We can also define which customer’s sites belongs to which of our branch.

From the menu Clients we can define our customers and their sites. Users will be added in the future.

From the menu Routes we can define the scheduled routes.

We can define if this route is to be patrolled by a specific guard or by anyone.

We can define if this is a Loose schedule, so we demand only to be checked and we do not care about the time.

We can define if this is a Recurrent route and the type of the recurrence.

We can also define if we demand to be notified in real time by email if a check point fails to be checked, or fails to be checked in the right order, or failed to be checked in the right time.

We can take every time we need to, the Finished schedule routes report, which shows in details what happened with our scheduled routes.

That’s it! For more please ask us to arrange a live demo for you!


22 of November 2013

You should login first. Among other changes you can see the multilingual interface (only English and Greek for now) and the use of MapQuest OSM as main map and OpenStreetMap as the main alternative

There are also choices to switch to Google maps and Microsoft bing maps. Not sure if we will continue to use (at least for now) Google and Bing maps. We will re-examine that later. But we added KML view and export, which are useful for viewing the patrol in Google maps or Google Earth 

Also added some buttons. See the screenshots below 
qr-patrol web browser buttons 1
qr-patrol web browser buttons 2
You can also see when an MME event includes photo or sound  

25th of September 2013

Launched the new version with MME (Multi-Media Event) and the Two way communication. Please read more here

qrpatrol menu events browser

*Needed Internet Explorer version 10 and above (or Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera browser, Safari browser)


Download free of charge the iPhone/iPad application from here

QRPatrol app for iPhone


or download free of charge the Google Android application from here

QRPatrol app for Google Android


 What we will see next?

To do - Under development (there will be free update):
*API to connect to other security software, such a CMS, alarm receiving, alarm automation, etc.
*Support for more languages
*Full incident reporting capabilities, including signature
*More web reporting

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