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Kerveroslive User hierarchy

QR-Patrol to site has 4 levels of user access. Each user level (except End customer) can have its own children users. user hierarchy

Of course each level has different privileges.

  1. Partner Level A can do anything. Create, edit, delete users. Also set the link code [Kerveros code] between a user and Kerveros events management application - QR-Patrol check point. Partner Level A can have children users of all other types (Partner Level B, Multi-sited, etc.)
  2. Partner Level B belong to one Partner Level A and represents the partner company of Partner Level A. It can have children user of level Multi-sited & End Customer. Partner Level B can't modify Kerveros code.
  3. Multi-sited User is like End Customer, but the difference is that, he can own End customers. For example, for a super market company, with many branches, one Multi-sited user must be created (manager of all branches will have this account) and this account can own many End Customer accounts (one for each branch).
  4. Finally, the account type with fewer rights, is End Customer. It is the common account for assigning Kerveros code. For alarm systems, Kerveros code is the alarm system id. For QR-Patrol, Kerveros code is the link between a check point and a user - account.
    End customer can belong to all above account types.

 kerveroslive platform possible combinations

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